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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2007 6:27 pm  Reply with quoteBack to top

Author's Note: Well, I tried posting this story once before and backed out when I made a major change to the storyline. I'm not sure if anyone read the first chapter already so I'll repost it with updates to come later.

This fan fiction was initially thought of as a sequel to Shakugan no Shana, but being that there's a sequel airing in Japan as we speak, then I guess this story will be pushed back to being a third installment of the show. However, you do not need to watch the show to appreciate this fan fiction, aka no prior knowledge of the events in the show is needed.

Taking place an unknown amount of years after Shakugan no Shana The Second, this fan fiction is named Shakugan no Shana The Third: The New Wave or just simply The New Wave. Comments are appreciated and words of criticism are welcomed greatly.



Volume I - Finding Purpose: Chapter 1 - Recognition

It was a normal day in New York City. The morning rush was usual for Crystal Lu, a young girl at the age of 16, squeezing her way into the 1 train at the Times Square Station. She sports medium-long black hair and brown eyes; her body was average - not too skinny like those in the acting program, but not too overweight like those in the music program. She is actually considered athletic in her school, but that's mainly because the school "was full of nerds, after all," as Crystal puts it. As Crystal finally settles into the cramped train heading uptown, she feels her neck to check if her pendant was still around it; surely it was. In no time at all, Crystal arrives at her stop, 66th Street-Lincoln Center. She hops off the train and sets off for LaGuardia High School.

Crystal caught sight of one of her best friends, Jacky "Light" Kwok, who was about a block down from her.

"Yo! Jacky!" she exclaimed. Crystal started to pick up speed and ran down the block, pushing person after person along her path. After her bumpy sprint, Crystal was finally by Jacky's side, gasping for air.

"Hey, Crystal... whoa there, get a hold of yourself. You don't have to run everyday in the morning, even if it's exercise," Jacky said. "Hurry up, you don't want to late too, right?" She finally looked up at him.

He is so cute when he does that, Crystal thought.

"You always contradict yourself, Light. You want me to take a short rest, yet you are hurrying me to get to school?" Crystal questioned. She gave him a slight hit on the head. Since they were going to be late for 1st period, the two took a more leisure stroll than others walking the same path. Crystal actually has a crush on Jacky, ever since junior high school even. However, she feels that Jacky hasn't taken a similar thought of her, especially since Crystal herself was a foreign exchange student in junior high school. In exchange for Crystal, Jacky's girlfriend at the time was sent to Italy.

Crystal still feels a sinking feeling in her heart when she is reminded of that day, when news circulated that Light's girlfriend was murdered as a bystander in Florence.

A cloaked man standing near LaGuardia High School caught sight of Crystal's silhouette against the shining sun. We do not know much about him yet but only that he wears a black cloak and a plain, silver ring on his left ring finger.

"It's her," said the unknown.

"So that's her successor. Another girl,” a voice said, ”Well how about it?" The voice came from the ring; though monotone, a hint of curiosity was expressed.

"It sickens me," the man appeared to only speak what was absolutely necessary. "What's our next course of action, Anthony?"

The ring responded, "Hmm... it appears that the Flame-Haired, Red-Hot-Eyed One is busy. We will scout today for prospects." The man nodded in agreement, "Good, because it sucks being a newspaper boy."

Crystal stopped about a half a block away from her high school, more specifically that man. Unaware of Crystal's stop in movement, it took Light by surprise. "'ey, Crystal, hurry up!" he shouted.

"We've been spotted. Can we go?"

"Yessssssss, my ambitious Bearer of Swords," said the voice coming from the silver ring. This time, however, the voice was multitonal. In an instant, the mysterious man fled, leaving behind a silvery trail that dissipated into the air.

At once, Crystal started slowly but surely towards school. "Who was that man, Alastor?" she asked. Deep silence followed around Crystal, which was suddenly sliced open by an all-knowing voice coming from her pendant.

"Whoever it was, contact was reached on both sides, Crystal. That person saw us as promptly left; we have nothing to fear," the pendant echoed.

"Alright," said Crystal hesitantly. With Crystal fully convinced by Alastor, she calmed down at tried to have a usual school day

She meets up with her friend, or "little-sib", during lunch in the library. He is a sophmore at the age of 14 in LaGuardia High School. Though he registered to be in the 'Big- Sib, Little-Sib' Program, he has hopes in transferring to better high schools in the near future. The two were conversing about their futures.

Crystal stared into the body of the freshmen, which was glowing vividly -- a light blue flame was contained inside the freshman. Talking about futures... what irony, she thought.

"I will target the boy she is with. What is our next course of action?" said the wearer of the silver ring. His location is unknown.

The silver ring said with a monotone voice, "We wait."

"Roger that."

Next Update: Volume I - Finding Purpose: Chapter 2 - Initial Thoughts on December 26.

life goes on...

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Joined: 20 Nov 2007
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Location: when life gives you lemons, throw 'em at someone...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Author's Note: Here's Chapter 2!

Volume I - Finding Purpose: Chapter 2 - Initial Thoughts

The next day, Crystal was once again walking towards LaGuardia High School with Jacky. They were poking fun at each other, when suddenly Jacky dropped his cup of coffee. However, a familiar wave of dark-red engulfed the two as well as the whole neighborhood.

"Fuzetsu," Crystal said. The dark-red scheme, which appeared to have come from the vicinity of her high school, ran past Crystal, freezing all time along its path. "Damn it,” Crystal murmured, "What's going on?" she asked her pendant. She stared at the cup of coffee that was in midair, frozen; the boy of her dreams also stood frozen next to her.

All around Crystal and Alastor was engulfed in a zone in which time has stopped, signified by its distinct dark-red scheme all around. "Do not fret, Crystal. It will all be explained in due time," said Alastor.

"Yes, Alastor, it will. Long time no seen, hasn't it?" said the man, shrouded in mystery. He appeared from thin air, leaving behind similar streaks of silver flame that Crystal had seen the day before.

"Oohhhooohhooo. I formally meet the Flame of Heaven... nice to meet you, Alastor," said the voice, a joking tone this time, from the man's silver ring.

"Well, isn't it the Shield of Havoc and the Bearer of Swords, Anthony of the Silver Flame and...?" Alastor slowed down towards the end, as he did not know the name of the boy.

"I promise you, as I have before, that a true name shall never fall upon me. You are the Flame of Heaven to me as I am the Bearer of Swords to you, Alastor," the man stated.

"That's right, Flame of Heaven. Things sometimes don't change, as for you..." Anthony started rather enthusiastic, but trailed off towards the end.

"Your new contractor has striking resemblances, Flame of Heaven. Have you taken a liking to specific prospects? Or has-" the Bearer of Swords was interrupted by Crystal.

"The Bearer of Swords and the Silver Flame,” Crystal pondered, feeling very puzzled, Alastor, I haven't heard of such flame in Guze," she said.

"Anthony, the Shield of Havoc, the Flame of Silver, do we not have business to attend to?" the Flame of Heaven said, speaking as if he ignored what his contractor had said.

"You are right, Flame of Heaven," the Bearer of Swords said. The Bearer of Swords takes off his hood, which Crystal didn't realize he had one on. "Fight me," the Bearer of Swords said. His voice was serious with a chill in the air.

To much astonishment, the man appeared to be a child matured way beyond his years. An innocent kid-like look, the man sports ruffled black hair, like as if it hasn't combed in years; however, he has long arms for a short physique, but what strikes Crystal the most was his cold silver eyes.

What almost stroked her next was an average-looking katana the Bearer of Swords drew out. "Shimatta," Crystal said, "What speed... when did he draw his sword?"

"Watch out, CRYSTAL!" Alastor shouted. In what seemed to be split second has been drawn out for Crystal. Out from her right hand materialized a sword of crimson-red flame and used it to block an incoming attack from the Bearer of Swords.

The Flame Hazes locked eyes; one had winter-silver eyes, while the other revealed a red-orange set, which coupled nicely with her hair of similar color.

Both Crystal and the Bearer of Swords kicked out away from each other and reached a distance of 20 feet between. "An improvement over your previous contractor, Alastor. I did not expect this girl to reach such a level this early," the Bearer of Swords said, "Perhaps you've made a realization from past experiences?"

"That's enough, Bearer of Swords. Do you realize that-" Alastor was cut off by a bellow from his contractor. Crystal attacked head on against the Bearer of Swords; eyes met once again.

"Is that all you got, little girl?" the Bearer of Swords asked.

"Who are you calling little. Last I checked you have to raise up your eyes to look at me," Crystal darted back.

"Hmm, don't get cocky, little girl, or else you'll pay," the Bearer of Swords said.

In what seemed to be hours, Crystal alongside Alastor, the Flame of Heaven, waged battle against a man known as the Bearer of Swords and Anthony, the Shield of Havoc.

Within the secluded area of the Fuzetsu contained LaGuardia High School, the Lincoln Center, and a number of friends and non-friends of Crystal walking along the block. The Fuzetsu also enclosed a vast amount of area extending east towards the outer rim of Central Park, south until the Columbus Circle, west into the Hudson River, and north close to the Museum of Natural History.

"This is the greatest coverage I've seen in a Fuzetsu. Alastor, stop ignoring me, please... what's going on here?" Crystal asked her pendant.

"Ask questions later, fight NOW!" the Bearer of Swords echoed. He suddenly lashed out an attack against Crystal with his sword. Crystal, as she has been doing throughout the battle, blocked his attack and was once again in a standstill, where eyes met. Crystal's eyes sharpened, as she realized his sword was engulfed in silver flames.

"Shimatta, get away, now, Crystal!" Alastor shouted. In an instant the silver flames dissipated, leaving behind the true nature of the sword the Bearer was holding.  Crystal saw a short handle, but a wide and thick hunk of metal attached to it. Etchings on the sword glowed, revealing a distinct pattern known to all Flame Hazes.

Crystal gasped, eyes in awe, and heart pounding quicker than ever before. "Blutsauger," she said.

"Correct, Flame-Haired, Red-Hot-Eyed One," the Bearer of Swords said in reply. There was an explosion on contact between the Blutsauger and Crystal's sword of crimson flames.

life goes on...

Are you brave enough to challenge my Grand Procella Sabuli Gym?
I'm starting to wonder if anyone goes on this site nowadays...
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