Archive for pokemonunderworld The next Generation of pokemon has arrived and we promptly followed. For only the trainers ready to show what they got and to earn the title of champion of the site.

Rec Room
Forum facts, questions and suggestions!
the ins and outs of the underworld
Whats new?
What's happening in the site right now
n00b spotlight
New to the Forum? Say hello in here. Does not count twoards post count
Talk about stuff in here, anything. You can make topics you think would be good here just not anything we have already.
The Underworld Court
have problems with another member? Post here and be tried.
Pokemon Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi Station
The place for Tourneys, teams, trades, etc.
PBR Battling, Tourney's, friend codes, etc.
Pokemon Emporium
Set up a trade shop, or request certain pokemon.
The Underwold Campaigns
Rock Ring
Battle the rock ring leader.
Water Ring
Battle the water ring leader.
Electric Ring
Battle the electric ring leader.
Grass Ring
Battle the grass ring leader.
Poison Ring
Battle the poison ring leader.
Psychic Ring
Battle the psychic ring leader.
Fire Ring
Battle the fire ring leader.
Ground Ring
Battle the ground ring leader.
Flying Ring
Battle the flying ring leader.
Bug Ring
Battle the bug ring leader.
Normal Ring
Battle the normal ring leader.
Ghost Ring
Battle the ghost ring leader.
Fighting Ring
Battle the fighting ring leader.
Steel Ring
Battle the steel ring leader.
Ice Ring
Battle the ice ring leader.
Dragon Ring
Battle the dragon ring leader.
Dark Ring
Battle the dark ring leader.
The Underworld Rings
Become the best, and destroy the ring leaders, if you can.
The Pantheon of Champions
Only those who have earned all all the ring symbols can battle the Pantheon sages.
The North Wing
Battle the North Wing Sage.
The South Wing
Battle the South Wing Sage.
The East Wing
Battle the East Wing Sage.
The West Wing
Battle the West Wing Sage.
The Core
Battle the Core Sage, Leader of The Pantheon of Champions.
Black Market
Black Market
The place to trade your moni for stuff!
Help section
Need help? Ask for it here, also post guides here.
Other Systems
Talk about PSP here
Talk about Wii games and Gamcube games here
Talk about PS3 games here
Xbox 360
Talk about Xbox 360 games here
Artists corner
Want to post some art work, or videos from youtube (yes that does count as art)? This is where it goes.
"Titanis frantically wrote a forum description when!......" want to make or join an RPG? Do it here.
Have an amazing fanfic, want to share it with everyone? Let us read your works here.
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